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Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jenkins

Jenkins discusses the current convergence culture that media is a part of. How the media consumers havs become producers, and consume on their own terms. How fans of popular culture and literature write their own fan fiction and the copywright laws are challenged. How people become editors of online magazines before the age of 14. How people use photoshop to voice their opinions before a government election. These grassroots collide with the corporate media, which has to adjust to the consumers to not loose them.

The book awakes questions about the increasing interactivity between media producers and consumers, how the grassroots begin to challenge professionals, how commercial culture affects the reliability, how the easy accessible information affects people's integrity, and last but not least, the dire situation of professional journalism. It's a frightening culture for educated journalists since everyone can be published, and as frightening for the industry, since no one wants to pay for journalism today. Journalism has to acclimatize to better make use of today's climate and find a way to make news in it, as well as convince people that they want to pay for it.

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