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Det här är vår tid by Fanny Härgestam

The Tunisian pitchman Muhammad Bouazizi started the Arabic revolution when setting fire to himself in december, 17th, 2010. A short time after, the president of Tunisia resigned. In ”Det här är vår tid”, This is our time, thoughts, feelings and visions among the politicians and the population in the wake of the revolution are central - when the democracy fever has subsided and the anxiety begins.

Fanny Härgestam has followed three women in different political parties and a woman in the countryside, whose husband was shot during the revolution. Thus, the martyr widow, Amira, wonders if the revolution contributes to opportunities of a free life or destroy lives.

This is a book about the value of words during the eventful time when the future of Tunisia is taking shape. Three of the women Färgestam is portraying are working within politics. Mabrouka Mbarek, member of the middle party CPR, Meherzia Labidi, member of the Islamist Ennahda and Selma Mabrouk, member of the socialist party Ettakatol.

On the contrary to what one might believe about politics, it is a thriller. Wild discussions, demonstrations and two murder on members of the opposition are happening during the constitution writing. The most discussed questions are about religion's part in the constitution, and article 46, about women's rights. There is a constant struggle between the parties and the women have an admirable patience when the period is dragging on. They are brave and inspiring and do everything they can for a democratic future, while people are murdered for their opinions. 

When the Islamic party, Ennahda, won the first free election in 2011, there were, according to the author, many people that worried about restricted women's rights, and now Ennahda and the opposition was going to write the constitution together. How would it turn out? Was it even possible to agree?

This is an important time of democracy building in the nation that began the Arabic revolution. Härgestam has interviewed many people inside the center of politics in the Bardo Palace and among the population outside, to be able to write from all perspectives. It is very thrilling.

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