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Abu Muhammed the Sluggard by unknown author

One thousand and one night is a collection of Asian stories and folktales from around the middle ages, collected over several centuries. The initial story that serves as introduction to the tales is about a Persian ruler, Shahryar. After being betrayed by his wife and thinking all women are bad, he takes a new wife every day and executes her the morning after. Then, he marries Scheherazade, who tells stories for 1001 nights, leaving him in suspense every morning so he will keep her alive to the next night. After 1001 nights, he has regained his trust in women and lets Scheherazade live.

Abu Muhammed the Sluggard is one of the One thousand and one night stories. The character Abu Muhammed has a great adventure, involving a voyage, a monkey, and supernatural creatures like jinn and marids.

The story is entertaining, but it's short, and it would have been nice to read more about the characters and what is on their mind. The story has a moral message, and the purpose is not evolved characters, but it's difficult to imagine a character that loves someone, and in the next second, threatens to murder the same person. 

The injustice is immense. Even though it is written so long ago, during a certain culture, it's still irritating that no one seems to care about the slaves or the fate of the women. They are treated as if they have no human value, given away as merchandise or rewards.

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