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Mysteries of the World: Unexplained Wonders and Mysterious Phenomena by Herbert Genzmer and Ulrich Hellenbrand

The book, with a somewhat reverse translation, "Mysterier: oförklarliga under och sällsamma händelser", brings up a lot of strange and unexplained phenomenon. Genzmer mentions very interesting mysteries that have been capturing people's minds for several millenia, as well as phenomenon from the last century. The author presents theories and explanations, suggested by researchers and scientists, that are possible and extraordinary.

Have you ever had the feeling that you have experienced something before? Have you wondered about ancient cities and their knowledge of astronomy and technology that made them build something resembling batteries? Have you wondered about events in the Bible? Are you fascinated by the holy grail? This book is about most of the mysteries there has ever been, and the reader is on a constant adventure. Every page offers incredible information and interesting explanations.

Genzmer discusses Atlantis, the pyramids, Stonehenge, ancient technology, nano-spirals, the Piri Reis map, the holy grail, Bible stories, the Bermuda triangle, the Nazca lines, the Loch Ness-monster, Tunguska, déjà vu, ghosts, ufo:s, crop circles, healers, clairvoyance, telepathy and time travel.

The reader gets much information about different areas and gets the opportunity to cultivate an interest. Even though it's not so much about each one of the phenomenon, it's a great reading experience and it serves as a gateway, an inspiration to further reading.

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