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The 5th wave by Rick Yancey

Cassie lives in a tent in the forest. She is alone and every person she meets are a potential threat. Since the apocalypse, there's no telling who is human and who is one of "the others". After being alone for a long while, she meets Evan Walker, and even though she has promised herself to trust no one, she craves the company of another person.

Unfortunately, the surprises in the book were rather predictable and it was a long time of waiting for the characters to catch up. Then, it finally got interesting. However, the main character Cassie came off as a little flat. At first, she seems to be a really strong type, but when she needs to keep her head clear the most, in the middle of a life threatening situation, or in a situation where something really bad has happened and she should be lucky to be alive, she thinks such strange and completely inappropriate thoughts. Her vain and shallow moments with these irritating clichés popping up in her head, might indicate that it's sometimes difficult for a male author to write a believable female character properly. It's much easier to understand Evan Walker and Ben Parish, but Cassie's constant nagging about irrelevant details about her looks or anyone else's, is irritating and might diminish some readers' sympathy for her. It doesn't matter that she is very young. Young doesn't mean stupid. "The Hunger Games"' star Katniss Everdeen proves that. But, after a while, Cassie is more convincing and perhaps the reason she was a little stupid can be explained by the long time of loneliness, and that Evan became her whole world.

In the whole, as usual, the apocalyptic concept is interesting, but not at all in the same league as apocalyptic novels, such as Cormac McCarthy's "The Road", or H. G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds". This being a young adult novel, a comparison is rather unfair, but it's almost equally far from "The Hunger Games". But, anyway, it's entertaining in an eventful kind of way, and fit into the sometimes cliché world of the young adult category.

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