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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

In the middle of the World War II, a little girl is coming to a small town outside Munish. With a dark past, and bad dreams haunting her sleep, she slowly begins her new life with her new family. Her foster father, Hans Hubermann, shows her the exciting world of words that will save her on many levels. Already having stolen a book from a gravedigger at her brother's funeral, she has many thefts lingering before her, hence many literary experiences. Her big eye-opener to the souls of her new parents, however, occurs the moment a tired man with twigs of hair and swampy eyes turns up at the front door, seeking shelter. During the worst pursuit of jews, there were people risking their lives to make a difference.

Markus Zusak's parents grew up in Germany during World War II and have shared their stories with him, and thus, some parts of the book are based on true events. "The Book Thief" is long, heavy, depressing, heart-piercing, and narrated by Death. It shows the darkest of places, but at the same time moments of light and happiness shine through. Liesel's strong bonds to Hans Hubermann and Max, hidden in the basement, are made of the most beautiful, selfless, sacrificing love, which is the last thing to leave one's life, whatever the circumstances.

”The Book Thief” is also a story about the power of words, how they can be the cause of salvation and destruction.

”I have hated the words and
I have loved them,
and I hope I have made them right”
-Liesel Meminger

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